The residents of Pinehill Road in Kemptville have petitioned the municipal Council to have speed humps installed on their street to stop the rising number of vehicles that are speeding through the thoroughfare between Clothier Street and County Road 43. Ever since Pinehill was extended through to link the two roads, drivers have been travelling at far higher speeds than the 40 kph posted, and this includes trucks, which, as the petition states, “are not supposed to use the road, but do”.

All of the residents along Pinehill Road signed the petition, which demands that: “We want this race track shut down”. But the signatories also put forward a possible solution to the problem “in the form of speed humps placed on the road to deter traffic from using it as a main thru fare and to also force people using it to at least reduce their speed.” They suggest that the Municipality use Pinehill road as a test street for the use of speed humps, noting that “emergency vehicles and plows can handle this situation when the speed humps are marked with the proper signage”.

Speed humps are similar to speed bumps, in that they both help to reduce the speed of vehicles. But whereas speed bumps, more familiar to drivers, are an abrupt raised area in the pavement surface, speed humps are a gradual raised area in the pavement surface extending across the entire travel width of the roadway. Bumps are a bigger problem for emergency vehicles and force vehicles to almost come to a stop when crossing them.

Speed humps slow cars down, but don’t interfere with travel as radically as bumps, and, it is claimed, are “effective at controlling speeds without creating accidents or imposing unreasonable or unacceptable safety risks”.

The Pinehill petition points out that traffic “in Kemptville as a whole is a problem”, and there is no doubt that this is an accurate description. Speeding, improper use of roundabouts, and increasing congestion on CR 43 has certainly been on the increase as residential development has grown and the number of cars on the streets has risen. While we wait for funding to make 43 a four-lane highway, the needs of residential areas for traffic control can be addressed.

The Pinehill Road residents have suggested a viable solution to their own problem, and it is one that may be applicable in other parts of Kemptville also. The petition ends with a note that the residents “would appreciate that action be taken asap so that we may again enjoy the residence we live in”.


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