Preparations begin for Merrickville’s 225 Anniversary


This year may have been a big year for the country, but next year Merrickville will be celebrating an even bigger birthday. 2018 is Merrickville’s 225th birthday, and plans are already in the works to make it a year-long celebration.

At the council meeting on September 15, community member, Patricia McAinsh, made a presentation to council outlining some of the possible ways the Village could mark this significant milestone. Many of the proposed festivities will piggy back on events that are already happening in Merrickville, like Canada Day and Canal Fest. For example, Patricia suggested an ecumenical service be held for the founder of Merrickville, William Merrick, who is buried in the Collar Hill Cemetery, on Canada Day, and paddle-making for the kids during Canal Fest.

Other ideas that were brought up at the council meeting include the creation of a special Merrickville 225 newspaper, Merrickville 225 wines, to be sold at the local LCBO, a family snow sculpting contest in the winter, and the lighting of the Blockhouse and/or ruins. Both the newspaper and the special wines were created for Merrickville’s 200th anniversary, so there is some precedent for how it can be done. “We already have enough material for the 225th anniversary newspaper,” Patricia told council.

As of right now, ideas are still floating around and no concrete plans have been made. Council will decide at a future meeting whether they will strike a committee of council for this project, or whether it will be community-driven. “We are really looking forward to celebrating,” said Mayor David Nash.


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