Bouncy, bouncy....whichever club could control the rubber would make the play

by thesportsguy

After the loss suffered in OT at Carleton Place, the 73’s needed a win to force the final game. As the momentum was with the Canadians, they were poised to wrap up the series and move on to the finals.

Canadians opened when Justin Cmunt steals the rubber to fire a soft one past Hodgins at 18:53. At 10:42, after a defensive breakdown, as Andrew Dodson slides it under 73’s stopper, with assist from Merkley and Girduckis, to put Canadians ahead by two. A combination of Merkley with Dodson, with man advantage, overruns 73’s PK to Brent Hill on the door step for a PPG at 5:06 to make it 3-0. The bleeding would continue, as Kennedy finds Connor Hill through the middle to drive yet another weak one between the posts at 3:21.

Second period: with Peter Brooks between the pipes, a defense miscue as Dodson streams to the goal, and Adam Donnelly scooped in the loose puck at 10:37. Kennedy sends the initial shot off Brooks’ pads, to rebound out to Samuel Knoblauch, pinching the half boards to launch it home at 4:19 and give the Canadians a 6-0 lead. Tugnutt, with Dow, penetrated the line back to point and Nicholas Bissonette hammered it by Hughes to spoil his SO attempt at 2:24 to close out the session.

Final twenty: with the boys down by five, they needed to bear down with an aggressive game plan that failed and ended the 73’s opportunity to move on.
The Canadians played harder and wanted the win, even though they were out-gunned by 29 SOG to 24 SOG to give Carleton Place a 6-1 victory.

We could complain about the questionable officiating, poor ice conditions, lack of focus, or injuries, etc. But I would prefer to concentrate on the positives of making it to the semis and then the finals. Three of the 73’s being chosen for the special team in the west, and some of the nicest young men that you will ever meet…..congratulations, we are proud of our Kemptville 73’s. Sportsguy signing out until we have “Hockey with EDGE” at the future camps.


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