Rideau Valley Archaeological Society tapping local research resources


by Michael Whittaker

There are rich research resources in Merrickville-Wolford and North Grenville preserved by two local historical societies, as the Rideau Valley Archaeological Society learned on Sunday, April 8.

More than 32,000 described artifacts, from family photos to farm implements, are available on the Merrickville and District Historical Society’s PastPerfect program at the Merrickville Public Library. Computer access is open to the public in the Genealogy Room.

The North Grenville Historical Society’s archival collection includes about 110 boxes of original manuscripts, photographs, family Bibles, photograph albums, and more. The society produces educational materials, and scholarly articles.

Nancy Warr, Secretary of the Merrickville and District Historical Society, noted the society has many thousands of artifacts held in the Blockhouse Museum, and archival storage in Burritt’s Rapids, yet to be catalogued in PastPerfect. Donations continue to be made to the society.

President of the North Grenville Historical Society, Ken Mews, said his society is investigating ways to make their collection more readily available to the public. Cooperation with the North Grenville Public Library to make the holdings accessible is one of the considerations.

The Rideau Valley Archaeological Society continues to educate the membership. On Sunday, May 13, a field trip to a farm site dating from around 1845 and showing a number of barely visible foundations, will instruct members on what to look for while driving the backroads.

To contact RVAS, message the society at www.facebook.com/rideauvalleyarchaeologicalsociety.


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