Even if you aren’t a runner, the medals that will be given to every participant of the Merrickville Heritage Classic may be a good reason to sign up.

The medallions were designed and forged right here in Merrickville at the Alloy Foundary. The Foundary is Canada’s oldest and has been producing sand castings since 1840. Owner Karl Feige offered to make the medallions for the run when Run Merrickville made a presentation to the Merrickville Chamber of Commerce last year.

“Everyone in Merrickville always gets involved in things,” he says.

The medals are made out of aluminum which have been dipped in acid to give them a darker colour. All participants will get a black medallion with the Merrickville Heritage Classic logo on the front and the dated etched into the back. The first, second and third place winners in each category will receive the same medallion but with a bronze, silver or gold ring around the outside. Karl says they will be using paint made from bronze powder and silver and gold leaf to make the colour really pop.

The hope is that the medallion will be something participants will be proud to display and will keep as a keepsake for years to come. Karl says that now that he has the pattern it will be easy to make the medallions for future races, changing them slightly to differentiate between the years. “We had the idea of putting the official logo for Canada’s 150th anniversary on the back for next year,” he says.

It is clear the Karl is very excited about the medallions and he should be. They are works of art and much more impressive than the run–of-the-mill medals you can get at a regular trophy shop. Not to mention they are made in Merrickville, just like the Heritage Classic. A locally made keepsake for a locally organized event, what could be more perfect than that?


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