The Singing Man’s Blues and Those Women We Can’t Ever Lose!


By John Baldwin

Men did you know that you have unchallenged choices,
When it comes to singing and using your own voices?
In this world of “Womens Lib”, equality and equanimity,
They haven’t obtained, yet, the voices of men, so retain their femininity!
It’s the only time in your life, when you will see them all swoon,
And hear remarks, like “That’s just what we wanted,–a man!!”,
as you walk into their choir room.
Don’t be fooled, it’s not for your looks and body that they crave,
But what comes out of your mouth, when you sing out strong and brave!
So, why don’t you give them what they so desire,
And accompany the few of us who have, and join a local choir!?
You don’t have to be of any particular age-group, or vocal range,
Just get up and do it, you’ll find it’s not at all strange!
Don’t worry about being able to read music,
many of us, in that respect, are not strong,
But have, like many of you, an ear for music
and can sing along to many a popular song!
In this geographical area your choices of choir are aplenty,
I can name a few, where many a tenor and bass spot remains bare and empty.
Membership of the “Singing Seniors”, associated with The Kemptville District Home Support, also gives you the status of being a volunteer.
When, monthly, they go out to raise the spirits of the elderly,
In Merrickville’s Hill Top and at Bayfield, in Kemptville, right here.
There are choirs, too, that men tend to leave “in the lurch”,
But some, with the urgings of their wives, do break down
and sing in the choir of their church.
Up to this point, this poem has spoken only of the higher pitched mixed choir,
to lull you to sleep,
Not the all-rounded, richer toned one of an all male choir,
like Nova Scotia’s “Men of The Deeps!”
But wait, we have our own, very close by,
The Ottawa Valley Male Choir, located in North Gower,
Who are still very much alive and still, on-track,
with a new Director and Accompanist, once more.
Why not join us too, whatever your age, don’t be bashful,
after all we are just men, in the main!
Or are we, our “Newbies”, are two lovely ladies,
so you see they’ve beaten us once again!? (we can’t do without them!)
So, throughout the year, every Tuesday evening at 7 pm,
in the North Gower United Church we will make the rafters ring,
As we perfect our repertoire and enjoy ourselves, for we just love to sing!
So men do not be hesitant to take part in what-ever choir you choose,
But always remember it’s those women we can’t ever lose!

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