Statement from Ontario on Social Infrastructure Spending


The Honourable Jean-Yves Duclos, Minister of Families, Children and Social Development, and the Honourable Chris Ballard, Ontario’s Minister of Housing, have announced measures to give Canadians greater access to more affordable housing, including the doubling of current funding under the Investment in Affordable Housing initiative, supporting affordable housing for seniors, building and renovating shelters and transition houses for victims of family violence, and addressing repairs and improving energy and water efficiency of existing social housing.

Federal Budget 2016 investments in affordable housing will provide targeted support to those who need it most, including in Ontario, and create good jobs that help grow Canada’s economy in a clean and sustainable way. The federal and provincial/territorial governments will work together to quickly deliver the new funding. Over the next two years, more than $640 million in new funding will be jointly invested in Ontario by the federal and provincial governments in various initiatives to support the housing needs of Ontarians.

Ontario is matching the Federal Government’s commitment to double the current funding under the Investment in Affordable Housing initiative. An additional $168 million in provincial funding will be available to build, renovate, and provide critical affordable housing across the province.

In addition to existing funding under the Investment in Affordable Housing (IAH), the funding levels by the Governments of Canada and Ontario have been doubled to more than $336.7 million over two years. The Government of Ontario, through the Ministry of Housing, is responsible for choosing the programs they design and deliver, and also has the flexibility to invest in a range of affordable housing programs in order to meet local needs. Initiatives can include, for example, new construction, renovation, affordability assistance and independent living (accessibility, modifications for persons with disabilities and seniors), and support of accommodations for victims of family violence.

Through the IAH, the Government of Canada is also providing to Ontario over two years: almost $67.2 million to support the construction, repair and adaption of affordable housing for seniors; more than $27.9 million to support the construction and renovation of shelters and transition houses for victims of family violence; and almost $209.4 million to help address the increasing demand for repairs as social housing units age, and to improve efficiency and reduce energy and water use.

Ontario continues to build new affordable housing and repair existing units for Ontarians with housing needs. Since 2003, the province has committed more than $4 billion in funding for affordable housing, which has helped support more than: 20,000 new affordable rental housing units; 275,000 repairs and improvements to social and affordable housing units rental and down payment assistance to more than 90,000 households in need. These investments complement the commitments made through Ontario’s recent Long-Term Affordable Housing Strategy update, and support the province’s goal of ending chronic homelessness in 10 years. For more information on Affordable housing in Ontario, visit

Chris Ballard, Ontario’s Minister of Housing, noted that: “The partnership between Canada and Ontario to provide additional funding for affordable housing in Ontario gives life to our vision that every person has an affordable, suitable, and adequate home. This will help provide the foundation to secure employment, raise a family, and build strong communities.”


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