Steve Clark continues campaign over CR43


Leeds-Grenville MPP, Steve Clark, is calling on the Wynne government to explain why it is sitting on nearly $3.3 billion in infrastructure funding, while shovel-ready projects like the expansion of County Road 43 in North Grenville remain stalled.

“It’s shocking and completely unacceptable that our $30-million project is ready to roll, but we can’t get started because this government can’t figure out how to get $3.3 billion in funding earmarked for infrastructure out the door,” said Steve.

“Our infrastructure is crumbling, holding back economic growth and putting public safety at risk. Yet, one in every five dollars committed to fix our roads, bridges, water and wastewater systems, and hospitals is in limbo.”

He made the comments after public accounts documents released this month revealed that the Wynne government failed to spend nearly $3.3 billion in infrastructure funding during the 2016-17 fiscal year. Steve’s Ontario PC colleague, MPP Sylvia Jones (Dufferin-Caledon), raised the issue during Question Period this week.

Ontario has a massive infrastructure deficit, and the government has a responsibility to ensure that projects which meet the eligibility criteria, and are shovel-ready, receive funding without unnecessary delays, he stressed.

“The United Counties of Leeds and Grenville and the Municipality of North Grenville have completed the environmental assessment and design work for the County Road 43 expansion,” he said. “If the Wynne government is serious about rebuilding Ontario’s infrastructure, they must take immediate action to live up to their funding commitments by giving the green light to these essential projects.”


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