Strategic Planning Committee presents working plan


The Strategic Planning Committee presented their proposed working plan to council last Tuesday, based on the Municipality’s current strategic plan. The plan is the culmination of many volunteer hours and liaison between the committees of council.

The group outlined some 65 initiatives to be carried out over the next eight years, all of which align with the four pillars of the strategic plan: promoting healthy living, building a progressive growing economy, protecting rural, natural and built environments, and ensuring efficient, effective services and civic engagement. The estimated cost of all the initiatives is $2 million.

The plan is very ambitious, with $1.7 million to be spent within the first four years. The implementation of many of the projects relies heavily on volunteer hours and some funding from outside municipal coffers.

Going forward, council will be looking at all the initiatives, figuring out which they will tackle in the coming years. “Our responsibility is to consider them and prioritize,” says Deputy Mayor, Anne Barr. “This is the right time to start taking these steps.”

All projects and their estimated budgets are listed in a document in the council package of October 10, 2017, which can be found on the municipality’s website.


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